Ensure a future ready data center with COMMSCOPE

Ensure an open technology path for generations to come

Managing your data center’s migration is like playing chess. If you’re focused solely on what’s next, it’s going to be a short game. At CommScope, we see the whole board and are thinking generations ahead.
With a high-speed migration portfolio of modular, standards-based solutions, the infrastructure you deploy today provides an open path to the applications you’ll need tomorrow. So what’s your next move? Here are three:
1 See how choosing the right MPO connector can help extend the life of your infrastructure.
2 Checkout our high speed migration library with videos, white papers, brochures and more.
3 Discover the keys to a future-ready infrastructure.

And if you’d like a discussion, you are welcome to contact me directly.


Suharlim T
Director, Enterprise Sales and Data Center Sales,  Indonesia
PT. Konexindo Unitama - COMMSCOPE Authorized Distributor in Indonesia
Office: +62  6386 0933


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