Wide Dynamic Range AXIS CCTV CAMERA available at PT. Konexindo Unitama

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) AXIS CCTV CAMERA available at PT. Konexindo Unitama

Wide dynamic range is a feature in some Axis network cameras that handles a wide range of lighting conditions in a scene. In a scene with extremely bright and dark areas or in backlight situations where a person is in front of a bright window, a typical camera would produce an image where objects in the dark areas would hardly be visible.
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WDR solves this by applying various techniques to enable objects in both bright and dark areas to be visible.

There are many surveillance situations that offer difficult lighting conditions. One particularly challenging situation is when there is a lot of variation in light levels simultaneously within a scene, referred to as wide dynamic range (WDR) scenes. 
Typical situations include:

  • Surveillance of entrance doors with daylight outside and a darker indoor environment. This is, for example, very common in retail and office applications. 
  • Vehicles entering a parking garage or tunnel, also with daylight outside and low light levels indoors.
  • In city surveillance, transportation, perimeter surveillance and other outdoor applications, where parts of the scene are in direct sunlight and other parts are in deep shadows. 
  • Vehicles with strong headlights, driving directly towards the camera. 
  •  Environments with lots of reflected light, for example, in office buildings with many windows or in shopping malls. It is obviously a user requirement to be able to reliably identify persons, objects, vehicles and activities in situations where there is a wide range of lighting conditions. 

Hence, there is a need for security cameras that are capable of detecting items in both dark and extremely bright areas. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) imaging is a method used to produce images that try to recreate the full scene content in scenes that have a dynamic range that cannot be captured by standard cameras in one image. 

This  explains why standard cameras struggle with WDR scenes and how good WDR performance can be achieved in a video surveillance camera.


  1. I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about..
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